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1 Diel migration of Microcystis during an algal bloom event in the Three Gorges Reservoir, China Cui, Yu-Jie; Liu, De-Fu; Zhang, Jia-lei; Yang, Zheng-Jian; Khu, Soon-Thiam; Ji, Dao-Bin; Song, Lin-Xu; Long, Liang-Hong ENVIRONMENTAL EARTH SCIENCES 2016 4
2 Evaluating Water Supply Risk in the Middle and Lower Reaches of Hanjiang River Basin Based on an Integrated Optimal Water Resources Allocation Model Hong, Xingjun; Guo, Shenglian; Wang, Le; Yang, Guang; Liu, Dedi; Guo, Haijin; Wang, Jun WATER 2016 4
3 Efficient and consistent reliability analysis of soil slope stability using both limit equilibrium analysis and finite element analysis Li, Dian-Qing; Xiao, Te; Cao, Zi-Jun; Phoon, Kok-Kwang; Zhou, Chuang-Bing APPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING 2016 1
4 Enhancement of random finite element method in reliability analysis and risk assessment of soil slopes using Subset Simulation Li, Dian-Qing; Xiao, Te; Cao, Zi-Jun; Zhou, Chuang-Bing; Zhang, Li-Min LANDSLIDES 2016 2
5 Quantification of prior knowledge in geotechnical site characterization Cao, Zijun; Wang, Yu; Li, Dianqing ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2016 3
6 Macroscopic and microscopic behaviors of granular materials under proportional strain path: a DEM study Zhou, W.; Liu, J.; Ma, G.; Yuan, W.; Chang, X. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR NUMERICAL AND ANALYTICAL METHODS IN GEOMECHANICS 2016 3
7 Identification of hydrological model parameter variation using ensemble Kalman filter Deng, Chao; Liu, Pan; Guo, Shenglian; Li, Zejun; Wang, Dingbao HYDROLOGY AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES 2016 2
8 Effects of water, salt and nitrogen stress on sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) at different growth stages Ma, Tao; Zeng, Wenzhi; Li, Qi; Wu, Jingwei; Huang, Jiesheng JOURNAL OF SOIL SCIENCE AND PLANT NUTRITION 2016 4
9 Strength and Microstructure of Mortar Containing Glass Powder and/or Glass Aggregate Liu Shuhua; Wang Shu; Zhou Wei; Li Lihua; Xiao Henglin; Wei Jianpeng; Tang Wan JOURNAL OF WUHAN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY-MATERIALS SCIENCE EDITION 2016 4
10 A generalized non-Darcian radial flow model for constant rate test Liu, Ming-Ming; Chen, Yi-Feng; Hong, Jia-Min; Zhou, Chuang-Bing WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH 2016 2
11 NITROGEN TRANSPORTATION AND TRANSFORMATION UNDER DIFFERENT SOIL WATER AND SALINITY CONDITIONS Zeng, Wen-Zhi; Ma, Tao; Huang, Jie-Sheng; Wu, Jing-Wei Ecological Chemistry and Engineering S-Chemia I Inzynieria Ekologiczna S 2016 4
12 Lateral velocity distribution in open channels with partially flexible submerged vegetation Han, Lijuan; Zeng, Yuhong; Chen, Li; Huai, Wenxin ENVIRONMENTAL FLUID MECHANICS 2016 4
13 Graded and uniform bed load sediment transport in a degrading channel Li, Zhijing; Cao, Zhixian; Liu, Huaihan; Pender, Gareth INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SEDIMENT RESEARCH 2016 4
14 Impact of the Three Gorges Dam on sediment deposition and erosion in the middle Yangtze River: a case study of the Shashi Reach Zhang, Wei; Yuan, Jing; Han, Jianqiao; Huang, Chengtao; Li, Ming HYDROLOGY RESEARCH 2016 4
15 Modeling the nexus across water supply, power generation and environment systems using the system dynamics approach: Hehuang Region, China Feng, Maoyuan; Liu, Pan; Li, Zejun; Zhang, Jingwen; Liu, Dedi; Xiong, Lihua JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY 2016 2
16 Estimation of actual irrigation amount and its impact on groundwater depletion: A case study in the Hebei Plain, China Hu, Xiaolong; Shi, Liangsheng; Zeng, Jicai; Yang, Jinzhong; Zha, Yuanyuan; Yao, Yunjun; Cao, Guoliang JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY 2016 2
17 An integrated model coupling open-channel flow, turbidity current and flow exchanges between main river and tributaries in Xiaolangdi Reservoir, China Wang, Zenghui; Xia, Junqiang; Li, Tao; Deng, Shanshan; Zhang, Junhua JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY 2016 2
18 A modified Green-Ampt model for water infiltration and preferential flow Liu, Dedi; Xu, Yao; Guo, Shenglian; Liu, Pan; Rheinheimer, David E. HYDROLOGY RESEARCH 2016 4
19 Factors influencing immigrants' satisfaction in Danjiangkou Reservoir based on logistic regression model Qiu, Yuanfeng; Meng, Ge; Wei, Yongping WATER POLICY 2016 4
20 Numerical simulation of air entrainment and suppression in pump sump Qian ZhongDong; Wu PengFei; Guo ZhiWei; Huai WenXin SCIENCE CHINA-TECHNOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2016 3
21 Extreme water-hammer pressure during one-after-another load shedding in pumped-storage stations Zeng, Wei; Yang, Jiandong; Tang, Renbo; Yang, Weijia RENEWABLE ENERGY 2016 2
22 Performance evaluation of an axial-flow pump with adjustable guide vanes in turbine mode Qian, Zhongdong; Wang, Fan; Guo, Zhiwei; Lu, Jie RENEWABLE ENERGY 2016 2
23 Comparison of three and one dimensional attacks of freeze-thaw and carbonation for concrete samples He, Z.; Tang, S. W.; Zhao, G. S.; Chen, E. CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS 2016 2
24 Real-Time Assessment of Blasting Damage Depth Based on the Induced Vibration During Excavation of a High Rock Slope Yan, P.; Zou, Y. J.; Lu, W. B.; Hu, Y. G.; Leng, Z. D.; Zhang, Y. Z.; Liu, L.; Hu, H. R.; Chen, M.; Wang, G. H. GEOTECHNICAL TESTING JOURNAL 2016 4
25 Predicting Near-Surface Moisture Content of Saline Soils from Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectra with a Modified Gaussian Model Zeng, Wenzhi; Xu, Chi; Huang, Jiesheng; Wu, Jingwei; Tuller, Markus SOIL SCIENCE SOCIETY OF AMERICA JOURNAL 2016 2
26 An Application of Hydraulic Tomography to a Large-Scale Fractured Granite Site, Mizunami, Japan Zha, Yuanyuan; Yeh, Tian-Chyi J.; Illman, Walter A.; Tanaka, Tatsuya; Bruines, Patrick; Onoe, Hironori; Saegusa, Hiromitsu; Mao, Deqiang; Takeuchi, Shinji; Wen, Jet-Chau GROUNDWATER 2016 3
27 Spatial interpolation of river channel topography using the shortest temporal distance Zhang, Yanjun; Xian, Cuiling; Chen, Huajin; Grieneisen, Michael L.; Liu, Liming; Zhang, Minghua JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY 2016 2
28 Effect of base roughness on size segregation in dry granular flows Zhou, Wei; Lai, Zhiqiang; Ma, Gang; Yang, Lifu; Chen, Yuan GRANULAR MATTER 2016 3
29 Effects of particle size ratio on the macro- and microscopic behaviors of binary mixtures at the maximum packing efficiency state Zhou, Wei; Xu, Kun; Ma, Gang; Yang, Lifu; Chang, Xiaolin GRANULAR MATTER 2016 3
30 A two-step homogenization-based permeability model for deformable fractured rocks with consideration of coupled damage and friction effects Liu, Wu; Chen, Yi-Feng; Hu, Ran; Zhou, Wei; Zhou, Chuang-Bing INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ROCK MECHANICS AND MINING SCIENCES 2016 3
31 Influences of anthropogenic activities and topography on water quality in the highly regulated Huai River basin, China Shi, Wei; Xia, Jun; Zhang, Xiang ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH 2016 3
32 Coring damage mechanism of the Yan-tang group marble: combined effect of stress redistribution and rock structure Yan, Peng; Lu, Wenbo; He, Yanli; Zhou, Wei; Chen, Ming; Wang, Gaohui BULLETIN OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT 2016 4
33 Transferability of optimally-selected climate models in the quantification of climate change impacts on hydrology Chen, Jie; Brissette, Francois P.; Lucas-Picher, Philippe CLIMATE DYNAMICS 2016 1
34 Sliding Behaviour of Steel Liners on Surrounding Concrete in c-Cross-sections of Spiral Case Structures Zhang, Qi-Ling; Wu, He-Gao STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL 2016 4
35 Sunflower seed yield estimation under the interaction of soil salinity and nitrogen application Zeng, Wenzhi; Xu, Chi; Wu, Jingwei; Huang, Jiesheng FIELD CROPS RESEARCH 2016 1
36 Fault-Response Mechanism of Production System in Concrete-Dam-Construction Simulation Zhou, Hua Wei; Zhou, Yi Hong; Zhao, Chun Ju JOURNAL OF CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT 2016 4
37 Estimating the Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient in Straight Natural Rivers Wang, Yufei; Huai, Wenxin JOURNAL OF HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING 2016 3
38 Short-term forecasting of daily reference evapotranspiration using the Penman-Monteith model and public weather forecasts Yang, Yang; Cui, Yuanlai; Luo, Yufeng; Lyu, Xinwei; Traore, Seydou; Khan, Shahbaz; Wang, Weiguang AGRICULTURAL WATER MANAGEMENT 2016 2
39 Formation of shear bands in crushable and irregularly shaped granular materials and the associated microstructural evolution Ma, Gang; Zhou, Wei; Chang, Xiao-lin; Ng, Tang-Tat; Yang, Li-fu POWDER TECHNOLOGY 2016 2
40 Copula-based joint probability function for PGA and CAV: a case study from Taiwan Xu, Yun; Tang, Xiao-Song; Wang, J. P.; Kuo-Chen, H. EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING & STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS 2016 3
41 A general definition of integrated strong motion duration and its effect on seismic demands of concrete gravity dams Wang, Gaohui; Wang, Yongxiang; Lu, Wenbo; Yan, Peng; Zhou, Wei; Chen, Ming ENGINEERING STRUCTURES 2016 3
42 Assessment of the crest cracks of the Pubugou rockfill dam based on parameters back analysis Zhou, Wei; Li, Shao-Lin; Ma, Gang; Chang, Xiao-Lin; Cheng, Yong-Gang; Ma, Xing GEOMECHANICS AND ENGINEERING 2016 4
43 The hydraulic characteristics of end-dump closure with the assistance of backwater-sill in diversion channel Lu, He; Hu, Zhi-gen; Liu, Quan; Lu, Guo-xuan; Ye, Jian-quan; Ren, Jin-ming JOURNAL OF HYDRODYNAMICS 2016 4
44 InSAR Observation and Numerical Modeling of the Earth-Dam Displacement of Shuibuya Dam (China) Zhou, Wei; Li, Shaolin; Zhou, Zhiwei; Chang, Xiaolin REMOTE SENSING 2016 2
45 A Water Quality Model with Three Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation for Contaminant Transport Shao, Dongguo; Wang, Zhuomin; Wang, Bei; Luo, Weiwei WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT 2016 3
46 Laboratory investigation of nonlinear flow characteristics in rough fractures during shear process Rong, Guan; Yang, Jie; Cheng, Long; Zhou, Chuangbing JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY 2016 2
47 Variations of effective volume and removal rate under different water levels of constructed wetland Liu, Jun Jie; Dong, Bin; Guo, Chang Qiang; Liu, Fang Ping; Brown, Larry; Li, Qiang ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING 2016 3
48 Influence of surface roughness on nonlinear flow behaviors in 3D self-affine rough fractures: Lattice Boltzmann simulations Wang, Min; Chen, Yi-Feng; Ma, Guo-Wei; Zhou, Jia-Qing; Zhou, Chuang-Bing ADVANCES IN WATER RESOURCES 2016 2
49 Prediction of velocity distribution in straight open-channel flow with partial vegetation by singular perturbation method Huai, Wenxin; Song, Suwen; Han, Jie; Zeng, Yuhong APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND MECHANICS-ENGLISH EDITION 2016 3
50 Frequency-Dependent Attenuation of Blasting Vibration Waves Zhou, Junru; Lu, Wenbo; Yan, Peng; Chen, Ming; Wang, Gaohui ROCK MECHANICS AND ROCK ENGINEERING 2016 2
51 A macro-meso chemo-physical analysis of early-age concrete based on a fixed hydration model Zhou, Wei; Feng, Chuqiao; Liu, Xinghong; Liu, Shuhua; Zhang, Chao MAGAZINE OF CONCRETE RESEARCH 2016 4
52 Three-dimensional slope reliability and risk assessment using auxiliary random finite element method Xiao, Te; Li, Dian-Qing; Cao, Zi-Jun; Au, Siu-Kui; Phoon, Kok-Kwang COMPUTERS AND GEOTECHNICS 2016 3
53 Computational homogenization of effective permeability in three-phase mesoscale concrete Li, Xinxin; Xu, Yi; chen, Shenghong CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS 2016 2
54 Morph- and hydro-dynamic effects toward flood conveyance and navigation of diversion channel Xu, Min; Chen, Li; Wu, Qihui; Li, Dongfeng INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SEDIMENT RESEARCH 2016 4
55 A numerical model for water and heat transport in freezing soils with nonequilibrium ice-water interfaces Peng, Zhenyang; Tian, Fuqiang; Wu, Jingwei; Huang, Jiesheng; Hu, Hongchang; Darnault, Christophe J. G. WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH 2016 2
56 On the determination of the mesh size for numerical simulations of shock wave propagation in near field underwater explosion Wang, Gaohui; Wang, Yongxiang; Lu, Wenbo; Zhou, Wei; Chen, Ming; Yan, Peng APPLIED OCEAN RESEARCH 2016 4
57 Hydrodynamics of discontinuous rigid submerged vegetation patches in open-channel flow Zhao, Fang; Huai, Wenxin JOURNAL OF HYDRO-ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH 2016 3
58 Global sensitivity analysis of outputs over rice-growth process in ORYZA model Tan, Junwei; Cui, Yuanlai; Luo, Yufeng ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING & SOFTWARE 2016 2
59 Looping Dynamic Characteristics of a Pump-Turbine in the S-shaped Region During Runaway Zhang, Xiaoxi; Cheng, Yongguang; Xia, Linsheng; Yang, Jiandong; Qian, Zhongdong JOURNAL OF FLUIDS ENGINEERING-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME 2016 4
60 Experimental Characterization and Micromechanical Modelling of Anisotropic Slates Chen, Yi-Feng; Wei, Kai; Liu, Wu; Hu, Shao-Hua; Hu, Ran; Zhou, Chuang-Bing ROCK MECHANICS AND ROCK ENGINEERING 2016 2
61 Damage evolution mechanisms of rock in deep tunnels induced by cut blasting Xie, L. X.; Lu, W. B.; Zhang, Q. B.; Jiang, Q. H.; Wang, G. H.; Zhao, J. TUNNELLING AND UNDERGROUND SPACE TECHNOLOGY 2016 3
62 Mesoscopic simulation of the dynamic tensile behaviour of concrete based on a rate-dependent cohesive model Zhou, Wei; Tang, Longwen; Liu, Xinghong; Ma, Gang; Chen, Mingxiang INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF IMPACT ENGINEERING 2016 2
63 Site-specific characterization of soil properties using multiple measurements from different test procedures at different locations - A Bayesian sequential updating approach Cao, Zi-Jun; Wang, Yu; Li, Dian-Qing ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2016 3
64 Bayesian identification of random field model using indirect test data Tian, Mi; Li, Dian-Qing; Cao, Zi-Jun; Phoon, Kok-Kwang; Wang, Yu ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2016 3
65 Stability criterion for people in floods for various slopes Xia, Junqiang; Chen, Qian; Falconer, Roger A.; Deng, Shanshan; Guo, Peng PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS-WATER MANAGEMENT 2016 4
66 Bed shear stress in non-uniform flow Zhang, Xiao-Feng; Yang, Wen-Ting; Xia, Jun-Qiang ENVIRONMENTAL FLUID MECHANICS 2016 4
67 Using Natural Variability as a Baseline to Evaluate the Performance of Bias Correction Methods in Hydrological Climate Change Impact Studies Chen, Jie; St-Denis, Blaise Gauvin; Brissette, Francois P.; Lucas-Picher, Philippe JOURNAL OF HYDROMETEOROLOGY 2016 2
68 Hydraulic characteristics of a siphon-shaped overflow tower in a long water conveyance system: CFD simulation and analysis Yu, Kang; Cheng, Yong-guang; Zhang, Xiao-xi JOURNAL OF HYDRODYNAMICS 2016 4
69 Longitudinal dispersion in open channel flow with suspended canopies Huai, Wenxin; Li, Chengguang WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2016 4
70 DEM analysis of the size effects on the behavior of crushable granular materials Zhou, Wei; Yang, Lifu; Ma, Gang; Chang, Xiaolin; Lai, Zhiqiang; Xu, Kun GRANULAR MATTER 2016 3
71 The Friction Factor in the Forchheimer Equation for Rock Fractures Zhou, Jia-Qing; Hu, Shao-Hua; Chen, Yi-Feng; Wang, Min; Zhou, Chuang-Bing ROCK MECHANICS AND ROCK ENGINEERING 2016 2
72 Depth-averaged non-hydrostatic numerical modeling of nearshore wave propagations based on the FORCE scheme Lu, Xinhua; Xie, Shengbai COASTAL ENGINEERING 2016 2
73 In-situ and continuous monitoring of pore evolution of calcium sulfoaluminate cement at early age by electrical impedance measurement Tang, S. W.; Cai, X. H.; Zhou, W.; Shao, H. Y.; He, Z.; Li, Z. J.; Ji, W. M.; Chen, E. CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS 2016 2
74 The review of pore structure evaluation in cementitious materials by electrical methods Tang, S. W.; Cai, X. H.; He, Z.; Zhou, W.; Shao, H. Y.; Li, Z. J.; Wu, T.; Chen, E. CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS 2016 2
75 Macro- and micro-characteristics of cement binders containing high volume fly ash subject to electrochemical accelerated leaching Cai, Xinhua; He, Zhen; Shao, Yixin; Sun, Haiyan CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS 2016 2
76 Characterizing and explaining spatio-temporal variation of water quality in a highly disturbed river by multi-statistical techniques Liu, Jianfeng; Zhang, Xiang; Xia, Jun; Wu, Shaofei; She, Dunxian; Zou, Lei SPRINGERPLUS 2016 4
77 DETERMINING SEASONAL CANAL SEEPAGE USING STAGE-SEEPAGE RELATIONSHIP Luo, Yufeng; Bai, Kaihua; Traore, Seydou; Gu, Hong; Sun, Yong; Xiong, Yujiang; Jiao, Xiyun; Fipps, Guy IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE 2016 4
78 Simulation-Optimization Modeling of Conjunctive Operation of Reservoirs and Ponds for Irrigation of Multiple Crops Using an Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Chen, Shu; Shao, Dongguo; Li, Xudong; Lei, Caixiu WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT 2016 3
79 Explosion energy transmission under side initiation and its effect on rock fragmentation Leng Zhendong; Lu Wenbo; Chen Ming; Fan Yong; Yan Peng; Wang Gaohui INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ROCK MECHANICS AND MINING SCIENCES 2016 3
80 Effect of grinding time on the particle characteristics of glass powder Liu, Shuhua; Li, Qiaoling; Xie, Guoshuai; Li, Lihua; Xiao, Henglin POWDER TECHNOLOGY 2016 2
81 Hydration process of fly ash blended cement pastes by impedance measurement Tang, S. W.; Cai, X. H.; He, Z.; Shao, H. Y.; Li, Z. J.; Chen, E. CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS 2016 2
82 Simulation of geologic uncertainty using coupled Markov chain Qi, Xiao-Hui; Li, Dian-Qing; Phoon, Kok-Kwang; Cao, Zi-Jun; Tang, Xiao-Song ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2016 3
83 Simulation of cavitation performance of an axial flow pump with inlet guide vanes Feng, Weimin; Cheng, Qian; Guo, Zhiwei; Qian, Zhongdong ADVANCES IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 2016 4
84 Lattice Boltzmann simulation of the open channel flow connecting two cascaded hydropower stations Zhang, Chun-ze; Cheng, Yong-guang; Wu, Jia-yang; Diao, Wei JOURNAL OF HYDRODYNAMICS 2016 4
85 Theoretical analysis and numerical simulation of mechanical energy loss and wall resistance of steady open channel flow Liu, Shi-he; Xue, Jiao JOURNAL OF HYDRODYNAMICS 2016 4
86 Assessment of seismic impact on residences during blasting excavation of a large-scale rock slope in China Yan, Peng; Zou, Yujun; Zhou, Junru; Lu, Wenbo; Zhang, Yuzhu; Liu, Liang ENVIRONMENTAL EARTH SCIENCES 2016 4
87 Impact of Cascaded Reservoirs Group on Flow Regime in the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River Duan, Weixin; Guo, Shenglian; Wang, Jun; Liu, Dedi WATER 2016 4
88 Failure Analysis of a New Irrigation Water Allocation Mode Based on Copula Approaches in the Zhanghe Irrigation District, China Li, Haoxin; Shao, Dongguo; Xu, Baoli; Chen, Shu; Gu, Wenquan; Tan, Xuezhi WATER 2016 4
89 Effects of Thermal Damage and Confining Pressure on the Mechanical Properties of Coarse Marble Yao, Mengdi; Rong, Guan; Zhou, Chuangbing; Peng, Jun ROCK MECHANICS AND ROCK ENGINEERING 2016 2
90 Testing the APSIM sunflower model on saline soils of Inner Mongolia, China Zeng, Wenzhi; Wu, Jingwei; Hoffmann, Munir P.; Xu, Chi; Ma, Tao; Huang, Jiesheng FIELD CROPS RESEARCH 2016 1
91 Analysis of a numerical simulation method of fully grouted and anti-seismic support bolts in underground geotechnical engineering Zhou, Hao; Xiao, Ming; Chen, Juntao COMPUTERS AND GEOTECHNICS 2016 3
92 Evaluation of Estimation of Distribution Algorithm to Calibrate Computationally Intensive Hydrologic Model Li, Zejun; Liu, Pan; Deng, Chao; Guo, Shenglian; He, Ping; Wang, Caijun JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGIC ENGINEERING 2016 3
93 A fast multipole method accelerated adaptive background cell-based domain integration method for evaluation of domain integrals in 3D boundary element method Zhou, Wei; Wang, Qiao; Cheng, Yonggang; Ma, Gang ENGINEERING ANALYSIS WITH BOUNDARY ELEMENTS 2016 3
94 Comparison of Noniterative Algorithms Based on Different Forms of Richards' Equation Zha, Yuanyuan; Tso, Michael C-H.; Shi, Liangsheng; Yang, Jinzhong ENVIRONMENTAL MODELING & ASSESSMENT 2016 4
95 United Formula for the Friction Factor in the Turbulent Region of Pipe Flow Li, Shuolin; Huai, Wenxin PLOS ONE 2016 3
96 A modified model to calculate the size of the crushed zone around a blast-hole Lu, W.; Leng, Z.; Chen, M.; Yan, P.; Hu, Y. JOURNAL OF THE SOUTHERN AFRICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGY 2016 4
97 Impact of kinetic mass transfer on free convection in a porous medium Lu, Chunhui; Shi, Liangsheng; Chen, Yiming; Xie, Yueqing; Simmons, Craig T. WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH 2016 2
98 Contrastive Numerical Investigations on Thermo-Structural Behaviors in Mass Concrete with Various Cements Zhou, Wei; Feng, Chuqiao; Liu, Xinghong; Liu, Shuhua; Zhang, Chao; Yuan, Wei MATERIALS 2016 2
99 Regional Quasi-Three-Dimensional Unsaturated-Saturated Water Flow Model Based on a Vertical-Horizontal Splitting Concept Zhu, Yan; Shi, Liangsheng; Wu, Jingwei; Ye, Ming; Cui, Lihong; Yang, Jinzhong WATER 2016 4
100 Water and Solute Fluxes in Soils Undergoing Freezing and Thawing Wang, Kang; Wu, Mousong; Zhang, Renduo SOIL SCIENCE 2016 4
101 Comparative Study of Three Updating Procedures for Real-Time Flood Forecasting Liu, Zhangjun; Guo, Shenglian; Zhang, Honggang; Liu, Dedi; Yang, Guang WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT 2016 3
102 Parameters inversion of high central core rockfill dams based on a novel genetic algorithm Zhou Wei; Li ShaoLin; Ma Gang; Chang XiaoLin; Ma Xing; Zhang Chao SCIENCE CHINA-TECHNOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2016 3
103 Nonlinear modeling and dynamic control of hydro-turbine governing system with upstream surge tank and sloping ceiling tailrace tunnel Guo, Wencheng; Yang, Jiandong; Chen, Jieping; Wang, Mingjiang NONLINEAR DYNAMICS 2016 2
104 Conventional versus pre-balanced forms of the shallow-water equations solved using finite-volume method Lu, Xinhua; Xie, Shengbai OCEAN MODELLING 2016 2
105 A coupled two-phase fluid flow and elastoplastic deformation model for unsaturated soils: theory, implementation, and application Hu, Ran; Chen, Yi-Feng; Liu, Hui-Hai; Zhou, Chuang-Bing INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR NUMERICAL AND ANALYTICAL METHODS IN GEOMECHANICS 2016 3
106 Guide-Vane Closing Schemes for Pump-Turbines Based on Transient Characteristics in S-shaped Region Zeng, Wei; Yang, Jiandong; Hu, Jinhong; Yang, Jiebin JOURNAL OF FLUIDS ENGINEERING-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME 2016 4
107 Instability analysis of pumped-storage stations under no-load conditions using a parameter-varying model Zeng, Wei; Yang, Jiandong; Yang, Weijia RENEWABLE ENERGY 2016 2
108 Influence of boron doped level on the electrochemical behavior of boron doped diamond electrodes and uric acid detection Yu, Peng; Zhang, Jiawei; Zheng, Tong; Wang, Ting COLLOIDS AND SURFACES A-PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS 2016 3
109 Three dimensional simulation of the arc inside an insulator-arrester with a multichamber system Guo, Zhiwei; Long, Xinping; Qian, Zhongdong; Qiu, Ning AIP ADVANCES 2016 3
110 Improved formulas for thermal behavior of oscillating nanobubbles Zhang, Yu-ning; Li, Shengcai JOURNAL OF HYDRODYNAMICS 2016 4
111 A hydrological model modified for application to flood forecasting in medium and small-scale catchments Shi, Wei; Li, Lan; Xia, Jun; Gippel, Christopher J. ARABIAN JOURNAL OF GEOSCIENCES 2016 4
112 Experimental study on evaporation from seasonally frozen soils under various water, solute and groundwater conditions in Inner Mongolia, China Wu, Mousong; Huang, Jiesheng; Wu, Jingwei; Tan, Xiao; Jansson, Per-Erik JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY 2016 2
113 Spatial and temporal characteristics of rainfall across Ganjiang River Basin in China Xiao, Yang; Zhang, Xiang; Wan, Hui; Wang, Yeqiao; Liu, Cheng; Xia, Jun METEOROLOGY AND ATMOSPHERIC PHYSICS 2016 4
114 Changes of rainfall and its possible reasons in the Nansi Lake Basin, China She, Dunxian; Xia, Jun; Zhu, Longteng; Lu, Junmei; Chen, Xiangdong; Zhang, Liping; Zhang, Xiang STOCHASTIC ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND RISK ASSESSMENT 2016 3
115 A generalized surrogate response aided-subset simulation approach for efficient geotechnical reliability-based design Li, Dian-Qing; Shao, Ke-Bo; Cao, Zi-Jun; Tang, Xiao-Song; Phoon, Kok-Kwang COMPUTERS AND GEOTECHNICS 2016 3
116 Simulation of bench blasting considering fragmentation size distribution Yan, Peng; Zhou, Wangxiao; Lu, Wenbo; Chen, Ming; Zhou, Chuangbing INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF IMPACT ENGINEERING 2016 2
117 Flat-bottomed design philosophy of Y-typed bifurcations in hydropower stations Wang, Yang; Shi, Chang-zheng; Wu, He-gao; Zhang, Qi-ling; Su, Kai STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING AND MECHANICS 2016 4
118 Response surface methods for slope reliability analysis: Review and comparison Li, Dian-Qing; Zheng, Dong; Cao, Zi-Jun; Tang, Xiao-Song; Phoon, Kok-Kwang ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2016 3
119 The development of a laterally confined laboratory fan delta under sediment supply reduction Zhang, Xiaofeng; Wang, Siqiang; Wu, Xi; Xu, Shun; Li, Zhangyong GEOMORPHOLOGY 2016 2
120 Dynamic channel adjustments in the Jingjiang Reach of the Middle Yangtze River Xia, Junqiang; Deng, Shanshan; Lu, Jinyou; Xu, Quanxi; Zong, Quanli; Tan, Guangming SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016 3
121 Fourier analysis of the SIMPLE serials Liu, Ya; Wang, Fei; Li, Yi-tian NUMERICAL HEAT TRANSFER PART B-FUNDAMENTALS 2016 4
123 Experimental study of cohesive sediment consolidation and its effect on seepage from dam foundations Tan, Guangming; Chen, Yiming INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SEDIMENT RESEARCH 2016 4
124 Remote Sensing of Deformation of a High Concrete-Faced Rockfill Dam Using InSAR: A Study of the Shuibuya Dam, China Zhou, Wei; Li, Shaolin; Zhou, Zhiwei; Chang, Xiaolin REMOTE SENSING 2016 2
125 Dynamic response analysis of concrete lining structure in high pressure diversion tunnel under seismic load Deng, Jian; Xiao, Ming JOURNAL OF VIBROENGINEERING 2016 4
126 Non-capacity transport of non-uniform bed load sediment in alluvial rivers Cao Zhi-xian; Hu Peng; Pender, Gareth; Liu Huai-han JOURNAL OF MOUNTAIN SCIENCE 2016 4
127 Large-Scale Modeling of Unsaturated Flow by a Stochastic Perturbation Approach Liu, Zhao; Zha, Yuanyuan; Yang, Wenyuan; Kuo, Yi-Ming; Yang, Jinzhong VADOSE ZONE JOURNAL 2016 3
128 Blasting Excavation Induced Damage of Surrounding Rock Masses in Deep-buried Tunnels Chen, M.; Lu, W. B.; Yan, P.; Hu, Y. G. KSCE JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING 2016 4
129 Contaminant transport in a three-zone wetland: Dispersion and ecological degradation Luo, Jing; Huai, Wenxin; Wang, Ping JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY 2016 2
130 Re-operating the Three Gorges Reservoir for Environmental Flows: A Preliminary Assessment of Trade-offs Rheinheimer, D. E.; Liu, P.; Guo, S. RIVER RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS 2016 3
131 Flow characteristics of rectangular open channels with compound vegetation roughness Zeng, Yuhong; Huai, Wenxin; Zhao, Mingdeng APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND MECHANICS-ENGLISH EDITION 2016 3
132 3D CFD simulation of the runaway process of a Pelton turbine You, Jianfeng; Lai, Xu; Zhou, Wei; Cheng, Yongguang PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS PART A-JOURNAL OF POWER AND ENERGY 2016 4
133 Experimental Study on Peak Shear Strength Criterion for Rock Joints Yang, Jie; Rong, Guan; Hou, Di; Peng, Jun; Zhou, Chuangbing ROCK MECHANICS AND ROCK ENGINEERING 2016 2
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